Color Services

With over 20 years in color matching and multiple trained experts, we aim to overcome even the toughest color matches. Instead of struggling with difficult decisions or custom colors let our trained experts handle your tri-stage dilemma.

More and more so, the industry of color matching is changing. Our systems are updated daily and have color matching scientists working around the clock to keep our system up to date with a complete database of colors and varients with specially formulated metallics and xirallic pearl solutions.

Bring in your color code with preferably a piece of the vehicle like a gas lid. We will compare it and find the best matching chip within our vast collection of color systems. If their isn’t something we think is suitable then leave it in our hands. The general rule of thumb is 24 hours from the point of drop-off to have a match you and you’re customer will love.

We work directly with Quadex in special instances to match flooring colors or create a custom specialized color you and your customer will love.

With the ever-increasing demand for specialized colors and metallic blends matching can tricky. We have you covered! Take the pressure off yourself and let us handle your color dilemma.

Bring in specifications and colors and we can prepare you’re custom or color match in as little as 1-2 days.


Work smarter not harder. No one likes repainting or dealing with a frustrated customer! Let us handle your color matching and leave with a color and spray out everyone will be happy with.

AFI color services